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All About You Medical Spa - Med Spa Services

All About You Medical Spa offers a comprehensive range of treatments to rejuvenate your skin and renew your appearance. You can learn more about what is involved in a particular treatment and how it works by clicking on a treatment below. Our MedSpa in Anchorage strives to help you look younger and feel better about yourself with our available services.


When you experience wrinkles or fine lines, Botox works to eliminate these signs of aging. Results from Botox are visible within two to four days, and can last anywhere from four to six months. Learn More...

Laser Hair Reduction

If you have unwanted hair, laser hair removal is available to give you smooth skin without the need to remove hair every day. Utilizing a laser to remove unwanted hair, laser hair removal effectively slows hair growth. Learn More...

Skin Tightening with Dermapen

This revolutionary dermatological treatment uses a series of micro-needles that are injected into the skin to induce collagen remodeling. Through different settings we can penetrate certain layers of the skin to treat these common dermatological conditions while also minimizing damage to the outer layers of the skin. 


Due to everyday wear and tear, our skin suffers. Whether it is stress, or environmental factors, our skin requires continuous maintenance to give the best defense against the elements. Microdermabrasion is available to help increase the strength of your skin and leave it feeling soft and luminous. 

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