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Liposuction Treatment

LiposuctionWhile diet and exercise can go a long way to helping us maintain a more ideal weight, there are times that even these two lifestyle changes cannot combat stubborn body fat. If you are dealing with unwanted fat in certain areas of the body that healthy diet and routine exercise can’t seem to fix, then it’s time to consider fat transfering with AquaShape® Liposuction.

When you think of liposuction you may still think it’s an invasive and painful cosmetic treatment that involves extended recovery time; however, we are now pleased to offer a gentle water-jet assisted liposuction procedure, which helps us to target fat cells effectively to contour and shape your body and transfer fat while also significantly reducing any procedural discomfort and post-procedure downtime.

How AquaShape® Liposuction Works

This procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Once the anesthesia has taken effect, a thin cannula is inserted into the targeted area and a stream of saline is introduced into the body, which targets and displaces fat without destroying them, enabling us to effectively harvest and transfer to your desired area of choice.

The Benefits of AquaShape® Liposuction

Unlike with traditional liposuction, this water-jet assisted treatment is minimally invasive and will not require the same amount of downtime as well minimal scarring. In fact, this treatment offers very minimal bruising or swelling post-procedure, which makes for a faster recovery. The majority of patients will be able return to their daily activities 3-4 days after their treatment.

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To find out more about AquaShape® or fat transfer and whether it’s right for you, contact our office at (907)929.9586.

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